Launching Applications


Meco™ offers you a comprehensive way of working with applications (such as Maya, Nuke, etc.), which you can utilize to do the following:

  • Customize environments based on an application.
  • Launch the application and use it in the environment.
  • Ignore (do not launch) the application but use the initialized environment for it.

Use app system as a placeholder to customize environment for any purpose required.

Launching an Application

Invoke the following command in order to initialize the master project and launch Atom editor. This command will launch Atom editor after the environment is initialized, therefore as an application it will inherit the environment.

Please Note: It is assumed that you have Atom editor installed and available on your system/environment.

# meco-init

meco -de main -a atom

Please Note: Just like rest of the flags, app flag and its values are auto-completed.

Notice that, the development environment is loaded in the Atom editor. This is done by getAppExecutableFlags in mMecoSettings Callback Module and as you can imagine you can customize it.