Creating Development Environments

We need to create a development environment in order to do development work in Meco™. Since development environments are dedicated environments like all other environments in Meco™, we are able to conduct development work without interfering other environments and ongoing productions.

Please note: Meco™ would have already created a development environment named main for you (for the current user at the time of installation) if you have installed Meco™ yourself.

Initializing a Project

First and foremost, we have to initialize an environment for a project we like to conduct development work on. This would allow us to create a development environment on that project.

If you want to create a development environment for master project all you have to do is to run meco command without project flag, which as a result master project will be initialized.

# meco-init


If you want to create a development environment for a production project you should initialize it by passing project flag, and the way to do so must already be familiar to you since I mentioned it in Initializing Production Projects.

The commands would be;

# meco-init

meco -p van

Please initialize master project since we are going to use this project for this portion of the tutorial.

Creating a Development Environment

Since we now initialized a project we can type and execute the following command to create a development environment.

mmeco-create-dev main

As you may have guessed main is name of the development environment we want to create.

If the development environment already exists (which would be the case if you installed Meco™ yourself), you’ll get the following error:

Development environment already exists: /<PATH>/meco/master/developers/<USER_NAME>/development/main

If the development environment is created you’ll get a message similar to one below (Message may be slightly different based on the platform you are working on).

Development environment has been created: /<PATH>/meco/master/developers/<USER_NAME>/development/main

You can initialize the newly created development environment by invoking the following command:

mmeco --project master --development main2

Now you have a development environment named main in master project.