Using 3rd Party Python Packages and Modules

Installing Python Packages and Modules via PIP command

You can use pip Python package management command to install Python packages into Meco™ packages.

Say you would like to install requests library for all platforms. Initialize a development environment where you would have the package that you want to install the lib into and cd to its Python path folder, like so;

# On Linux OS and Mac OS
cd PACKAGE_NAME\python
# On Windows OS
cd PACKAGE_NAME/python

Now you can run the following command to install the request library to current path, which is Python path of the package. Please note, dot . that follows --target flag refers to current directory.

# On Linux OS and Mac OS
pip3 install requests --target=.

Please not; you must provide absolute path of the Python folder of the package on Windows OS.

# On Windows OS
pip3 install requests --target="<DRIVE>:\<PATH>\meco\master\developers\<USER_NAME>\development\main\<PACKAGE_NAME>\python"

You can release PACKAGE_NAME package to make newly installed requests library available for everyone.