Naming Convention


Meco™ doesn't enforce any naming convention at all. You can use any naming convention you prefer.


I use camel case naming convention as you probably have noticed by now. Why? You can find the answer in this article.

PEP 8, Camel Case and Consistency Considering VFX, Animation and Game Development

Package Naming Convention

Meco™ follows the rules stated below for naming packages.

  • Name must start with at least one lowercase letter. Please note m is reserved by Meco™ therefore please do not use it, since this will prevent naming clashes.
  • Name must continue with at least one upper case character.
  • Following parts in the name should be camel case.

Following can be given as good examples.

mScope (m reserved by Meco™)
mMayaRigging (m reserved by Meco™)

Notice after two Meco™ package, which we can recognize that since they start with m, prefix of the package names vary. An ideal scenario is to use abbreviation of the name of your company. Say the name of the company is North Star, then naming the packages like so would make perfect sense.


Now take a look at some bad/very bad examples.

Naming External Packages

Meco™ convention to name external packages is exactly the same above. Main difference is that, they start with a prefix of ext, so they can easily be identified. They may also contain the platform name at the end they dedicatedly support. Let's see some examples.


You can either use available external packages (Using 3rd Party Python Packages and Modules ) to provide 3rd party modules and libraries or you can create your own to provide them.

It would be very good practice to follow the conventions mentioned above to name any package you create since they would provide clarity and consistency.