Custom Command Prompt

When you initialize an environment you can see that your command prompt changes and looks like the following examples.

╔═ [ soner @ soLinux ] [ Sun Dec 4 - 12:30:30 ] [ van - soner/development/main - maya2020 ]
╠═ ~/<PATH>/van/developers/soner/development/main
╠═ master

This change is obviously made by Meco™ to provide you information that you might need while you work. You can also clearly recognize that you are in a Meco™ environment when you see this prompt.

The following information is presented by the prompt.


Entries are pretty self explanatory. However, not all the entries you see above would be present for all environments. For instance, you might only have <PROJECT_NAME> if you did not initialize a development or a stage environment. Likewise <APP> will not be displayed if you did not initialize an app. Also <GIT_BRANCH_NAME> only appears when you are in a directory, which tracked by a git repo. Please note; you should have git installed on your operating system for git feature to work.

You can customize the prompt by editing the following files for respective platforms.

  • Windows OS : mMecoSettings/script/powershell/postEnv/mmeco-post-env-windows.ps1
  • Linux OS and Mac OS : mMecoSettings/script/shell/postEnv/