Meco™ is a package and environment management ecosystem, which allows you to create and manage packages and environments for any purpose.

Releasing a Package


Meco™ has been architected in a way where you can customize virtually everything in its ecosystem, including how the environments are resolved and initialized.

Currently, Meco™ works based on project layering system, which I call Priority Scheme .


Dedicated Environments

Meco™ has purpose built dedicated flexible environments, which allow you to develop, test and release code without impacting or interfering ongoing productions. Thanks to these dedicated environments, you can develop anything without re-initializing environments.

Dynamic Initialization

Dedicated environments in Meco™ are initialized dynamically, on demand, on the fly. There is no hard coded configuration files, no chores to deal with. You can jump one environment to another on the fly, whenever you need it. This gives you enormous amount of flexibility and boosts your productivity.

Multiple Development and Testing Environments

You can have multiple development and testing environments simultaneously in Meco™ where you can initialize the one you need. Therefore, you can have a dedicated environment for a dedicated task, which speeds you up in your work.

No Build and Installation Required

You do not build and install packages in Meco Ecosystem™ to use them, they just work from their respective environments! Thanks to dedicated environments, all changes are reflected in real-time too!

Powerful Packaging System

Meco™ offers simple yet powerful packaging system along with its API, which you can fully customize based on the requirements of your pipeline. Packages and their folder structure along with the built-in files are created automatically by provided API and commands.

Release Tools

Meco™ allows you to customize all aspects of feature-rich built-in release tools via its powerful API, which you can use in order to introduce your own coding standards for your development practices to make sure that only production ready code gets released.

Built-In Packages

Meco™ comes with many built-in packages. These packages are designed and developed to answer specific needs, which make Meco Ecosystem™ a well organized framework to work with.

Working with Applications

Meco™ has powerful app system where you can launch applications such as Maya, Nuke, etc. and customize the environment based on them for even more flexible production environment.

Highly Customizable

Meco™ offers highly customizable features including settings and callbacks, which are provided as Python modules, so you can take advantage of Meco™'s flexible approach to production pipeline development.

Native Python Capabilities

Even though Meco™ is written in C++, it offers native Python capabilities since Python interpreter is embedded in Meco™ itself. Thus, you can use Python programming language whenever you need to customize Meco™ or its packages instead of dealing with hard coded configuration files such as yaml, toml, xml, etc.

Built-in Documentation

Meco™ has built-in documentation system based on Doxygen. So you document your source code and Meco™ takes care of creating documentation from start to finish.

Batteries Included

Meco™ provides Python, PySide and Doxygen out of the box to empower you in your development work.

Comprehensive APIs

You can utilize the API classes, that come with the built-in packages to boost your productivity of your development work since they are built that in mind.

Built-in Unit Testing

You write unit tests and let Meco™ run and report them before you release any package to make sure that your code is production ready. You can also use the provided commands and API to run the unit tests for any package whenever you want.

Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration with other technical directors and software developers in your team is extremely easy since Meco™'s environment architecture is built from scratch for this very purpose.


Meco™ commands come with built-in auto-complete flags and flag values, which are awesome! Therefore, interacting with Meco Ecosystem™ in command line is a breeze.

Cross Platform

Meco™ is a cross-platform application that supports Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. Thus, all your needs in terms of supporting all major platforms in your production pipeline are covered out of the box.

Detailed Documentation

Meco Ecosystem™ provides a comprehensive documentation both for users and developers. Documentation for users are provided in this Confluence site. API documentation, which generated by using Doxygen is also provided so software developers and technical directors can leverage it in their development work.