Meco™ displays information if/when an exception occurs in Python. If you want to raise exceptions for debugging purposes you can do se by providing -re | --raise-exceptions flag like so;

# meco-init

meco -de main -re

You can also use -di | --display-info flag to display useful information like so;

# meco-init

meco -de main -a maya2020 -di 3

Result would be like;

Command                               : meco -de main -a maya2020 -di 3
Platform                              : Darwin
About                                 : False
Version                               : False
Project                               : N/A
Developer                             : soner
Development                           : main
Stage                                 : N/A
App                                   : maya2020
App Args                              : N/A
Ignore App Exec                       : False
Display Only                          : False
Set Only                              : False
Verbose                               : 2
Display Info                          : 3
Ignore Env Scripts                    : False
Ignore Env Commands                   : False
Ignore Pre Env                        : False
Ignore Post Env                       : False
Raise Exceptions                      : False
Last                                  : False
Cache Write                           : False
Cache Read                            : False

Master Project Name                   : master
Project Name In Use                   : master
Reserved Packages Path                : /<PATH>/meco/master/developers/soner/reserved/main
Development Packages Path             : /<PATH>/meco/master/developers/soner/development/main
Stage Packages Path                   : N/A
Project Internal Packages Path        : N/A
Project External Packages Path        : N/A
Master Project Internal Packages Path : /<PATH>/meco/master/internal
Master Project External Packages Path : /<PATH>/meco/master/external
Log File                              : /<PATH>/meco/master/users/soner/env/log/log_master_soner_development_main.txt
App File Path                         : /<PATH>/meco/master/developers/soner/development/main/mMecoSettings/resources/apps/maya2020.json
Script File Path                      : /<PATH>/meco/master/users/soner/env/script/

Please check mMeco - CLI (Command Line Interface) for all available flags.