mMecoSettings - Callbacks

Meco™ offers callbacks, which you can customize the implementations of, in order to make Meco™ seamless with your production pipeline. You do not need to invoke these callback functions, Meco™ will invoke them automatically when needed and provide the required arguments appropriately for you to take advantage of the architectural design of Meco Ecosystem™.

None of the callback functions given in this section need to be edited for Meco™ to work out of the box since Meco™ offers you built-in callback implementations.

Callback Python module can be found at mMecoSettings.callbackLib. The module contains built-in example, which would guide you in your custom callback implementation.

Function Arguments

The following arguments are passed to the relevant callback functions automatically by Meco™ when appropriate. You can implement each callback function by using these arguments and determine conditions based on their values.


Type: mMeco.libs.allLib.All

You can use this instance to determine conditions you may need. Please check mMeco.libs.allLib.All API Reference for more information.


Type: mMeco.libs.entryLib.EnvEntryContainer

You can use this container class to add environment entries.

Please check mMeco.libs.entryLib.EnvEntryContainer API Reference for more information.


Type: str

Absolute root path of a package.



Return Type: None

This function is invoked before packages are collected and environment is resolved.


Return Type: None

This function is invoked after packages are collected and environment is resolved.


Return Type: None or str

This function provides additional flags for given app executable.


Return Type: bool

This function determines whether given package should be initialized.


You can check mMecoSettings.callbackLib at mMecoSettings/python/mMecoSettings/ for example implementations.

API Reference

mMecoSettings.callbackLib API Reference