Adding New User on Windows OS

Open your profile file in a text editor. You can run the following command in order to know what the default profile file is.


The result might be similar to:


Copy/paste the content of Profile File Function on Windows OS into your profile file (or a PowerShell script file) where it would be sourced whenever a new PowerShell is opened.

This setup, since it's done manually requires path variable on the line 54 to be edited manually as well. Current value of the variable is D:, which refers to installation path of Meco™. Say you installed Meco™ on W:\tools\meco. In such case the variable should look like the following example.

# From this

# To this

Please note, new variable value doesn’t contain meco in it. It simply refers to the installation path of Meco™. After you save the file open a new PowerShell for changes to take effect.