Installation on Windows OS

Platform and Hardware Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) PowerShell Version 5+
  • 4 GB RAM



Meco™ requires PowerShell Version 5+. If you are not sure whether you currently use PowerShell Version 5+ please visit the following link for support.


Meco™ doesn't provide a Python interpreter. Thus you can use any version of Python. Please note, a version of Python must be installed on your system for Meco™ to work. I would like to encourage you to use Python 3.X as Meco™ supports it.


Meco™ uses pip or pip3 command to install required 3rd party packages (such as PySide). Please make sure that pip or pip3 exist for the Python version you use.


Please make sure that git command is available in executable path as it will be called by the setup to clone the packages from a remote git repository.


Name of Meco™ setup root folder is meco, therefore installation path must not contain word(s) of meco other than the root folder.

Network Installation

If you are planning to install Meco™ on the network, we would like to encourage you to install it on the machine where the drive you are planning to use for installation is a local drive. Installing Meco™ on the network may take longer than usual otherwise.

You can add users to Meco™ on the network after the setup is complete.


Clone mMecoSetup package. Copy Python file into a directory where you want to install Meco™. For instance, if you want to install Meco™ as D:\meco, copy the file into D:\ directory.

Open a new PowerShell window and navigate into the directory where the setup file is. Type the following command to start the setup and follow instructions to complete it.

python.exe .\

Please Note: In some cases a temp directory and file may not be deleted due to permission issues. In such case please delete the following items manually.

DRIVE:\<INSTALLATION_PATH>\meco\repos # directory

Once the setup is complete you can start using Meco™ with the provided step-by-step tutorial.