Using PySide

Meco™ provides the following external packages so PySide is available in the ecosystem.

Python 3

Name Description
extPySide2Darwin PySide2 for Mac OS
extPySide2Linux PySide2 for Linux OS
extPySide2Windows PySide2 for Windows OS

Python 2

Name Description
extPySide2P2Darwin PySide2 for Mac OS
extPySide2P2Linux PySide2 for Linux OS
extPySideP2Windows PySide for Windows OS. Please note, Meco™ uses PySide instead of PySide2 on Windows OS.

Importing Qt Modules

Marcus Ottosson has generously granted me permission to use his module in Meco™, which you can aldo benefit from. His popular module is provided in mQt package. Therefore you can import and use Qt bindings in your packages directly, like so;

from Qt import QtGui, QtCore

Please check for more information on Copyright (c) 2016 Marcus Ottosson